Warming Up your Voice Before Singing

By June 12, 2015 Tips

Warming up your voice before Singing

Warming up is a singer’s key to a good performance or practice. There are many ways of warming up and almost all singers will do something different from each other.  But why you ask is it important!? See my list of tips and reasons why below…


The Voice is a MUSCLE.

Much like an athlete a singer needs to warm up their muscles before using them. The Muscles you use to sing range right from the ones helping tilt your larynx into position to your stomach muscles supporting your diaphragm, theses all need a good warm up.  They need to be kept supple so you are able to manipulate them to make the sound you want. Without the help of these muscles we wouldn’t be able to sing. Warming them up is key to creating a smooth stable sound for your singing voice. You don’t want to be cracking all over the place!


A Few Brief Ways of Warming Up 

  • Make any kind of sound.
  • Lip trills, Humming and Sirens.
  • Start low and increase higher and higher as you go.
  • Arpeggios and Octave leaps.


What Warming Up does on the inside.

  • Brings more Blood flow to your Larynx – enabling it to work more freely
  • Increases temperature (much like getting your heart rate up as an athlete)
  • Creates resonance – You should feel this mainly in your head, face and neck whilst humming.
  • Creates  a sense of consistency – meaning you don’t have to worry about your voice sounding good in just one area and not so good in other harder places to reach.


What Happens if you Don’t warm up. 

If you don’t warm up expect a whole host of problems from cracking on higher notes to not being able to reach those lower notes. Its much like  pulling a muscle. When your voice isn’t warmed up it becomes harder to manipulate to the sound you want, if your throat is dry and tired and you haven’t warmed up, expect a very hard practice or gig ahead of you. Afterwards you will need plenty of rest to get it back to tip top condition again.

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