Tips For a Singers Busy Schedule

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Tips For a Singers Busy Schedule

Are you coming up to a busy few months of gigs? Preparing for a prolonged period of time recording a new album or booked in for a few new sessions in the studio? Your Voice needs to be prepared by planning ahead, being organised and keeping your voice healthier than normal. You will find your voice may fatigue quicker than normal the more singing you do!

Find below my essential tips and tricks to help you get through your busiest times.


Keep your Voice Healthy.

This will be priority throughout your busiest times, things you will need to do even more than usual are listed just next door! Find out more tips on keeping your voice healthy HERE. Keeping your voice nourished and healthy will make for an all round better experience, there is nothing worse than your voice getting tired and not being able to recover in time for the next singing event. if you are in the studio, drink plenty of water and take as many breaks as you need! many singers don’t let their producer or engineer know they need a quick break especially after a long time singing in a higher range. This is when your voice tends to fatigue a lot quicker, don’t be afraid to ask for a break, without one the quality of voice will start to diminish and you won’t have the same healthy sound as when you started!

  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Honey and lemon before and after singing a gig.
  • Take Lots of Rest – Don’t speak for a while after singing for a prolonged period of time.
  • Use Correct Technique – ALWAYS.
  • Warm Up AND Down.

Posture and Breathing Correctly

Keeping your posture correct and breathing using the correct technique is key to keeping your voice from fatiguing quickly. Keeping correct posture; meaning to stand shoulder width apart and head in a neutral position when singing allows you to use the correct breathing technique breathing from the diaphragm, using these technique correctly takes the strain from your vocal chords and allows the air to travel through the chords more freely without straining, you should never strain for a note, if it is too high and you don’t have the energy to fully go for it in chest voice, use your head voice. All of these tips allow for easier singing, preventing fatigue of the voice.

Visit the Top Ten Breathing Tips HERE 


Be Prepared.

Coming up to a busy period of work you need to keep your mind stable. Keeping your diary organised and knowing exactly what it is you are going to be doing and where you are going to is essential. The last thing you want to be doing is getting lost on they way to your event and causing stress that is not needed, this automatically affects your voice, stress and panic bot contribute to early fatigue of the voice before you have even started! So remember, keep calm and be prepared.

  • Know Your Destination
  • Have your music prepared
  • Research the type of Venue and Event you are going to.
  • Allow time to set up.

Listen to Your Voice.

Understanding your voice and knowing its tell tale signs of fatigue and strain are key to knowing how far you are able to go. Throughout a busy period pay attention to what your voice feels and sounds like; is it becoming scratchy, thin, airy or overall tired? You will know when and how these things arise. Performing simple exercises will help you bring your voice down to ‘normal’ level. You need singing to feel easy, don’t push!



After your busy period is over, take some time to rest your voice. Resting is essential to recover for your voice. Many Singers don’t even speak for a little while! Even speaking is using your voice and vocal chords and can cause fatigue. Resting after a few big gigs or a week of recording requires at least a few days rest and this is ok! Your voice will not loose anything, it will benefit from the rest and recover stronger and clearer than before you started. Remember s singer is just like an athlete, it needs much training but as much rest.

Whilst Resting…

  • Use the time to learn new songs without singing them.
  • Drink plenty or Water – Keep Hydrated
  • Catch Up with Emails, Social Media Promotion.

Remember… Every singer has busy periods of time where they are constantly singing for a prolonged period of time. Wether this be a busy week to a busy few months it is important to take all these tips into account. Listen to your voice and keep it healthy and you will be all good to go! There is nothing worse than your voice fatiguing and failing just when you need it.

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