The Singing Technique of ‘Anchoring’

By February 22, 2015 Tips

The Singing Technique of ‘Anchoring’

So you may be wondering what i mean by ‘anchoring’ It is a long held technique to help you ‘anchor’ your body into different positions when achieving a particularly difficult note. Below i will help you to understand the basic technique and it’s uses.

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Step One

To start stand with your feet should width apart, and breathe normally. As a singer you need to remember you use your whole body to create the sound, by standing shoulder width apart you are making sure both sides of your body are working equal to each other, this is important when distributing your weight whilst anchoring so one side does not work harder than the other.

Step Two

Next, focus on your breathing, make sure you are using your diaphragm correctly. By now this should be second nature to you and shouldn’t have to think too much about how you are doing it.

Step Three

Now start the song you are currently struggling with, as you come to the problematic part slightly bend your legs and take the weight onto your thighs, you will find as you are now concentrating on this motion the tension will release from your voice and your problematic note will become easier. This is the basic technique of anchoring.

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Once you have achieved your (now none) problematic notes by way of anchoring, its is then time to incorporate a way in which you can use this technique whilst on stage.

See Below an older clip of myself performing and using the anchoring style technique:

Short Analysis

Notice the anchoring using the bending of the knees, from 1:57 Mins on the lyrics ‘Are you proud of who i AM‘ with the lyrics ‘i am’ at 2:10Mins. This helps reach the note with more ease, although it isn’t a high note it helps produce a more rounded sound. This technique then carries on into the chorus and beyond.

Over the many years of training and singing lessons i have personally been through many different ways of ‘anchoring’ my body and also ways of completely relaxing in a bid to reach my hardest notes. Ways such as falling back into a chair as you sing the note as a way to release tension or the opposite of standing behind the chair, hands on the back, gripping and ‘anchoring’ my knees to the ground to reach those top notes. Each singer is different and will find a way of anchoring that suits them best.

More techniques of anchoring COMING SOON, keep posted!

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