Singing with Hay Fever

By May 31, 2015 Tips

So it’s coming to the summer months and the pollen count is increasing daily. Some days are better than others, many people with hay fever suffer symptoms as little as an irritating stuffy nose or itchy, streaming eyes along with an itchy throat. Whether you suffer mildly or severely hay fever should not affect your singing voice in any way, although there are ways to help ease symptoms and ¬†prevent it from affecting your voice (especially when singing outside) See my top tips below…


Take your medicine. If it is prescribed by the doctor or an over the counter antihistamine either will work, make sure you take them every couple of hours as directed or even so if you are due to perform at certain time of day make sure your last dose covers you whilst singing, as it wears off you may start to feel the symptoms reappear. So remember, it is important to take your medicine to take away symptoms.

Honey And Lemon

Keeping your voice in its healthiest tip top condition will help you to get through the hay fever season with ease. The lemon will cut through any groggy chest and phlegm stuck to your vocal chords where as the honey will soothe any itchiness. Its always a win win situation!

Warming Up & Water

Before any performance it is important to warm up, There is no exception during the hay fever season. Keeping yourself warmed up is essential to keeping your voice going strong. Drinking plenty of water also keeps the voice hydrated and prevents you from singing with a dry throat which will lead to vocal strain.

Know your Limits!

Many Singers tend to over do it and keep singing even when their voice is tired and burnt out. Doing this during hay fever season is likely to damage your voice even more. Straining on an a voice that is already working a little harder to create the same tones through the symptoms of hay fever will only cause more tension and vocal strain. Once you start to feel your voice getting tired it is important you stop  cool down using a few warm down exercises and rest whilst drinking plenty of water.

So you know singing with hay fever shouldn’t be too harmful for you. As long as you are supporting your voice and using the correct techniques to sing you will be absolutely fine! If you get stuck remembers these few simple tips and you will be able to get yourself back on track again. Remember it is important to keep yourself hydrated and don’t forget to warm up.

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