Preparing for a Singing Audition

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Preparing for a Singing Audition

Preparing for a singing audition? Do you need some tips? As everyone knows auditions are scary places to be, everyone sounds great and you start to doubt if you are prepared enough. There is one thing you need to be confident you are… Prepared!

Check below to see my short guide to preparing for a singing audition and absolutely smashing it.

Be Prepared

So you have decided to audition for a singing role, whether it is for a band, or a talent show the main thing all singers need to do is, Be Prepared! When signing up, check the requirements. What songs do you need to perform and do you need to take music to sing to, once you have checked this make your song choices! In the run up to the audition practice as usual, although focus more on the songs you have chosen; make sure your diction is in check, perfect your technique and make sure you feel comfortable enough to perform them. The next thing you need to do is to keep your voice as healthy as you can! (Find my tips HERE) Create yourself a list of things to do in the run up to the audition and also of the things you need to take on the day, doing this will encourage you to stick to your goals and blow them out of the water.

On The Day

  • Take your music – Sheet Music/Mp3/CD (Always have a back up)
  • Check the Location
  • Take some water – Its good to keep Hydrated

In the Run Up 

Audition Day

So, It’s audition day and you have arrived. Yay! Everyone around you is excited and waiting for their turn to be called through. This is your main chance to perform a few warm ups. Keep your water or Honey and lemon close by and KEEP CALM. Once you are in the audition room, keep a good attitude and let your personality shine through. Remember not all the best singers get through, the key is letting them see you for yourself. Reliable, talented and full or energy. When it comes to performing your songs give it your best, keep composed and remember everything you have practiced. Make brief eye contact throughout to let each person feel the song is being sung to them, let the emotion come through, don’t worry too much about what they are thinking. Overall they want to see your personality and confidence shine through, your singing will speak for itself!

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