8 Tips for Beginner Singers.

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Welcome to my 8 Tips for Beginner Singers.


So you decide you want to learn to sing, but don’t know where to start? I am here to help give my 8 tips to help beginners take their first steps, learning to sing. Follow these tips and you will hear your voice grow!</div class=”alignCenter”>

Tip 1

Don’t be afraid

Make a start, sing when there is nobody in the house and make yourself feel comfortable with hearing your own voice, don’t be afraid to ‘sing out’ full voice! The key thing to remember is nobody is listening so it doesn’t matter what you sound like to start with. You need to feel comfortable with your own voice.

Tip 2


Learn some warm ups.

Learning some simple warm ups will help boost your voice instantly before you sing, it’s just the same as runner warming up before practice. Remember, the voice is a muscle too and in order for it to work properly you need to warm up. Try some simple scales on ‘ee, ey, ah, oh, ooh’ and some sirens spanning the octave.

Tip 3


Choose songs you like.

Start off learning a song you like first, one that you know inside out. Don’t try anything too challenging as you may strain and damage your voice early on. Once you are comfortable with this song move on to a different genre and work through some different songs, this creates versatility so you can move from something soft such as ‘All of Me – John legend’ through to a pop rock Man! I feel like A Woman – Shania Twain’ to a powerful Whitney song.

Tip 4


Make Time to Practice.

Taking maximum 20Minutes out of your day to practice 3-5 songs is key to keeping your voice working, it doesn’t have to be everyday, it may only be 4x a week but this is enough. Use this time to do a quick warm up and run through maybe a few songs you know or use it to learn a completely new one. In the end Practice makes perfect!

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Tip 5


Get a Singing Teacher.

Seeing a singing teacher each week or even fortnightly is great, they are there to make sure you are using the right area of your voice and guide you in the direction you want to go in. Weather you are singing just for fun, working towards your first open mic night or wanting to make it your career, a singing coach is there to help!

Tip 6

Create a Goal.

Working towards a goal is a great way for you to keep up your singing. Even if you are making a small personal goal to be able to sing a certain song by the summer or if it is working towards you performing at your first open mic night making a goal is key to progressing further. It makes you work harder to reach that goal, meaning you practice more and become a better singer.

Tip 7


Learn Breathing techniques.

In order to sing properly you need to use the right tools, one of this is breathing technique. Using air from your diaphragm is key to taking strain off your vocal chords and using the correct airway passage to bring air from, keeping your vocal chords from straining. Visit my Top 10 breathing techniques to learn a few ways to help!

Tip 8


Keep Your Voice Healthy.

Keep Your voice Healthy! When you are singing everyday or working towards a goal, you need to keep you voice in tip top condition. This includes drinking plenty or water, practice and learning your techniques. Visit my blog on ways to keep you voice healthy HERE

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