5 Mistakes Singers Make

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5 Mistakes Singers Make

Are you a singer, does your voice often feel tired and strained? There may be a few mistakes you are making! Check here to see my top 5 mistakes singers make. Not only do these mistakes hinder your performance they also can create even bigger problems for you physically within your voice.

1. Not Warming Up/Singing Cold.

Are you guilty of this? Many Singers have a habit of singing ‘cold’ and think they are able to get away with it. Only for so long can you do this, in a situation where you may not have time to do a warm up before performing, even a few ‘sirens’ quietly can help in at least some way. Be sure to warm up for at least 10 minutes before you perform and also when you are going to practice, it is crucial to warm up your vocal chords each time you sing, without it you can cause all sorts of problems that can lead to you ultimately losing your timbre, tone and range.

2. Pushing it.

Sometimes singers feel they need to either ‘out do’ a rival singer in a competition or even feel they are able to reach a note that is not quite within their range just yet. This is what is usually the reason behind a singer pushing their voice to it’s limits. As a singer you need to feel comfortable with your voice and how it sounds, pushing it too far out of your comfort zone initially can create a problem that could’ve been prevented by working up to it instead. When you push your voice it can lead to straining the muscles that create the sound, in turn doing damage to these valuable muscles.

3. Straining.

Sound familiar to some of you singers out there? Many Singers know once they have pushed their voice a little too far and ‘strained’ it. When your voice becomes strained you feel the muscles surrounding your vocal chords feeling very tight and you struggle to create a ‘smooth’, ‘controlled’ tone, you voice usually becomes ‘scratchy’ and sounds as though the voice is tired. To prevent this try not pushing your voice to far for too long, it is ok to stop when you feel yourself pushing for the notes. Also a cause is also singing for too long, if you are craving a nice warm drink for when you finish your practise or performance this is a sign you may have been singing for too long and need a rest as your voice starting to become strained.

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4. Not Loving your Voice.

Just like many people don’t like their body shape or size, many singers don’t like the sound of their own voice. As a singer when you hear your own voice back on a recording for the first time the initial reaction is ‘i don’t like my voice’ the key to loving your voice comes by listening to yourself recorded back over and over as much as you can. When you practise record yourself! Listen to it back and you will hear your mistakes, once you have listened you are then able to correct these mistakes and you will slowly start to like the sound you create. You will also get to learn your faults and become ok with these, you know when you have made a mistake and can easily correct it without believing you are a bad singer. The key is to then believe in yourself, be confident in your voice, this will show to your audiences and they will enjoy your performance much more knowing you are comfortable with you own voice and you are not afraid to share it with them!

5. Not Keeping Your voice Healthy.

Once you start to sing more and more the importance of keeping your voice healthy will become something second nature to you. Without doing this you will notice things are harder to sing and your natural tones will not be a smooth as you’d like them to be. To keep you voice healthy you need to be drinking plenty of water, warming up before EVERY time you sing and learning basic technique.  View my Tips HERE.

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